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Since I met Jesus, life has never been the same!

It was 1973…..

and I was 22 years old.  The girls were getting off their school bus and the pastor came in with them. Whew! “They were home safe and sound,” I thought. 

After exchanging pleasantries, he asked my husband and me if we were SAVED. “What did you say?” I asked inquisitively.  “Have you been SAVED?” he said again.  “What do you mean?” I asked.  “Are you a Christian?” he replied.  What a silly man, I thought.  I’m an American. Of course, I’m a Christian. And that’s what I said.

He lovingly looked at us and asked: “Is JESUS YOUR SAVIOR?” We looked at each other and answered, “Of course.” Again, he pursued, “When did you ask Him into your heart?” Ummm, what did he mean?

Something unlike I have never felt before came over me.  As he explained, we dropped to our knees, prayed and said, “Yes, we want Jesus to be with us, in our hearts. We want Him as our personal savior.” We had just assumed that He already was.

That was the beginning of Jesus & Me! And I hope, this is the beginning of Jesus & YOU.  The biggest decision you will ever make in your life is really that simple. It is so easy that we often overlook the obvious.  JUST ASK HIM TO COME INTO YOUR HEART.  He won’t say No. That is His promise to you!

Fast-forward to 2019…..

At the beginning of this year, I reflected on what my New Year’s resolution would be. I had a strong feeling inside me that 2019 needed to be meaningful.  I wanted to have a major, positive impact on the lives of others. The questions were, “How could I possibly do that?”  “What would it be?”

While reading  

Until later,

God bless us all!





March 17, 2019 at 8:18 PM

Yes, God saved me almost 20 years ago. I have a whole story about how He saved me and how I grew in my faith on my blog. https://placeinthisworld224.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/from-ignorance-to-faith-my-testimony/

March 2, 2019 at 1:36 PM

Have you been saved? If so, please share your joy! If not, let us know if you want to chat!

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